Naked 2 Palette Review

I’ve had my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for almost 2 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier! Sure, the price is a bit too much. But the palette’s gorgeous colours do not disappoint. 

The packaging is gorgeous and really got me excited to see what was inside! The neutral colours are very soothing but also very bold and I love it for that! The different pigments can be used depending on the occasion and they look good with everything.

My personal favourites are Half Baked and Chopper (2nd and 4th from the left). Personally I believe the formula isn’t the best unfortunately. The colour doesn’t show up on the brush very pigmented but it isn’t much of a hassle or problem. When applying, none of the eyeshadow falls on your cheeks, under your eyes or leaves anything behind, which is very good! 

Overall Rating

Do I like it? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes, but because of the price, I would suggest finding a dupe. The palette is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it if your stocked up on cash. If your looking for eye makeup that is highly pigmented, then the Naked palette might not be your best friend. 7.5/10

Have you tried any of the Naked palettes? What are your opinions? Let me know in the comments!


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