Things All Tea Lovers Need To Live With

Forget all of those boring mugs in your kitchen cupboards or those dull tea steaming moments, because those days are over! With these perfect finds, you’ll become tea-obsessed in no time. Drinking tea will never be the same again.

DAVIDsTEA Starter Kit

Purchased this a few days ago and extremely satisfied! Includes 8 delicious loose leaf teas from all different categories; 20 drawstring filters; and a perfect spoon to measure the exact amount you need for your cup! Must have!

Buy here. $25

MR TEA Tea Infuser

The cutest tea infuser you’ll ever come across! This little man chills around the rim of your mug and does the work for you.
Proud of this affordable purchase!


Buy here. $10

Storage for Tea

Keep your tea in an adorable basket that holds everything you need for your next tea time. The basket above was one I purchased a while ago from Hobby Lobby and is now discontinued; search for other storage baskets on their site.

Buy similar ‘tea baskets’ here.

This. Mug.

A mug that helps you pour in just the right amount of milk.

This mug has a colour matching guide that shows you the exact amount of milk of need in your tea or coffee. A perfect gift for a friend and yourself!

Buy this amazing mug here. $16

 Drop It Like It’s Hot Mug

A "Sip-Hop" mug.
Um, yes please!

Buy here at Modcloth. $14.99



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